short course

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The Short Course provides University level academics and NGO professionals with:

  • A 4-6 week academically rigorous and comprehensive overview of a region’s socio-political and cultural structures

    • A focus on how these structures shape a region’s response to specific challenges such as public health, emerging pathogens, climate change, civil conflict and refugee crises.

  • Access to a region’s leading academics, and professional staffs of the area’s government ministries, United Nations organizations and non-governmental organizations

  • Opportunities to build research and service collaborations with the region’s academics, government ministries, and non-governmental organizations


Where does SocioAnalytics Operate?

SocioAnalytics current Short Course is based at the American University in Beirut and examines health care challenges facing Lebanon and the region.

SA will soon open programs in Colombia, Indonesia, and Croatia.

Who Are Short Course Participants

University faculty, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and professionals working internationally in the areas of global health, international development, non-profit management, climate change, conservation and ecology. 

Purpose of Short Course

  • Connect participants with the regions leading academics, United Nations organizations, Government Ministries and Non-Governmental Organizations. (NGO's)

  • Cultivate research and service collaborations between Short Course participants and regional academics, government officials and non-governmental organizations